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Sales & Services of all office & money handling equipment.


e at Office & Mailing Automation have been in operation since August 1996, specializing in mail processing, paper handling and office equipment. We were the first Namibian company that implemented mechanical mailing automation 22 years ago.

Our Company also was the first  Namibian company to print, itemize and mail the Receiver of Revenue documents for the period 1 June 2001 until 30 September 2004 in Namibia ever. Office & Mailing Automation, has been processing mail since

August 1997 and started with itemized printing and mailing since May 2000. The mail shots have had sizes of up to 140.000 clients and various combinations of mail have been completed.

We gathered experience (technical and sales) on Kern, PFE, Martin Yale and other mail room equipment, as well as mailing and data processing, being employed by Printed Forms Mailing cc in South Africa for 5 Years. We started with mailing  offered as service to the Namibian market in 2000.

Brands we sell:


Currency discrimination Counter

SB 9 | SB 3000 | SB 5000


Kisan V-VII-F-FII | K3 Smart |

K5 | BDM7000t | KD1

| Cashmanager 1200/2400


Note sorter J2101 | J3200 |

J4300 | J5321 | ZG8000 |

GA-ZQA088 Integrated machine

Snowrex & Procoin

HCR15 Coinscale|

220 & 420

Magner & Ribao

ST 350 |

UV-Light | Cs-10 |

BC 2000 | BCS 150


Deposit CashAccSys | Phantom |

Grande | Express | Protector

First company in Namibia to process tax forms 2001 – 2004.


ffice & Mailing Automation has been acting as agent for Mailing & Mechanization for the last ten and a half years. We therefore have access to all spare parts required to keep the Kern 686 (Telecom mailing machine) as well as PFE mailing machines with various clients functioning 100 %.

We have sold over 1300 note counter machines with full counterfeit detection. These are services by our 10 technicians, who have received training overseas and in South Africa.

Our office staff consists of three ladies and the mail room is run by  ten previously disadvantaged female operators, who have been with the company for  up to 15 years. Additionally we have a driver for numerous deliveries and odd tasks, as well as a full house of technicians to look after our own equipment and avoid downtime for our mailing a clients.

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Our Team is ready to provide excellent service:

Everyone of our Team members has their specific function and this ensures professionalism and service excellence at all times.

Klaus Reinhardt
Managing Member

Managing Member

Burkhard Riedel
Technical Manager
Heinrich Mouton
Senior Technician
Andrew Leech
Service Quality

Technical & Administrative staff

Ben Hangue
Tinus Heydenrych
Pieter Janssen
Paula Willemse
Moses Abraham
Jaycee Kleintjies
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